Please READ below, you can’t take your exam without this!

If you do not hold any previous FCC licenses, you are required to obtain an FRN number ‘PRIOR’ to your FCC exam.

This FRN number is needed to submit your FCC forms. We can not file any exams without an FRN number.

It’s easy, register with the FCC and get your FRN today from the FCC. It should take about 10 minutes. 

Watch the video to see how! – Write it down, you’ll need it.


Get an FRN before your exam!

The FCC requires an application form 605 and 605E to process all Commercial Licenses.

You can use our online form FORM 605 for this application.  This form can be ‘electronically signed’ online. Our examiners will show you how and walk you thru filling out the form.

This form is password protected. You can get the password from our examiners after you successfully complete an exam. The form will then be transmitted to us, validated, and processed thru the FCC. 

We will submit this form to the FCC for you along with your completed exam results.

Use our Online 605/605E form for your exam